Welcome in the site of the TECNOPRODUCTS s.r.l.

Here you can find a small example of our production.

The TECNOPRODUCTS s.r.l. work from more than 25 year in the field of the planning and realizations of industrial gaskets in the most varied sectors of employment what textile, electromechanical, industrial, to feed, hydraulic, chemical, petrol-chemical, naval, ect.., furnishing technical support on the fittest products to employ in every phase, from the planning up to the phase of post-sale.

The twenty-year experience and the passion for Our job have brought the TECNOPRODUCTS s.r.l. to be equipped with centers of job more and more adjourned for the production as: automatic cutting, centers of rubber pressing to injection and compression, spiral-machine, mould-machine, center of cut to hydro-abrasive throw to five axes ( it allows cut of the profile up to 60° on the thickness).

We can work any type of material: asbestos free, varius rubbers, P.T.F.E., pure graphite, armed graphite to smooth soul or to grater, foam, expanded, material composite or stratified, gress, marble, copper, aluminium, iron, brass and all the metals in general, reaching 150 mm of thickness. We can realize besides the most varied types of gaskets as spiralwuond gaskets (sw), metal jacketed gaskets, Ring-joint (RJ), or-ring, braids, etc.

Cutting pressed, shears, printed, cut by muff with unified dimensions or according to your drawings, with Ours or Your materials. We are able to realize any type of gaskets in small quantity or great production in series.

In the case You are not satisfied contacted us and we will resolve every your doubt or problem in the field of the materials of seal.

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